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The Miner's Son

Kent, early 1984. Thatcher has just been re-ellected in a landslide victory, and a new wave of  British Heavy Metal is in full swing. Enter Black Diamond, a group of friends from a small mining town who are chasing their dreams, much to the disapointment of their families. But as the miners strikes erupt, and families are driven into dept and tor appart by politics, dreams and the illusion of working class solidarity begin to fade as the band is forced to question what, and who, really matters to them. filmed entierly on location, George plays Vim, Black Diamonds outrageous drummer.


Looks Can Kill

Rhonda wants it all. Money. Power. Everything that comes with being a top model. The only question is, as she strives for success in a cruel business where looks are literally everything, who is going to get hurt next? Directed by Jasmine Thomas, Looks Can Kill is George's 3rd project with Jagged edge Productions.


The Offering

Its been a few weeks since the suicide of Celine's fartrher and as painful as it is, its time to try moving on. as she and her friends head to her farthers estate to clear out the house, stranger and stranger things start happening. Is her farther really dead? Or is he simply on the other side? Directed by Mattew B.C. 

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Crocodile Vengeance

It was suposed to be the perfect day. A country manor, a bride and groom and bearly a cloud in site. Never mind the maid of honour can't be found. It's not like she and the groom had a thing, right? And she certainly hasn't been attacked by a giant crocodile, right? And it's not like that crocodile has now got a taste for human flesh. Right? Here comes the Bride...

Directed by Paul F. Franklin



Set in the not to distant future #TheRevolutionOfTheWord by Julian Felice, is a dystopian piece centered around the loss of our fundamental yet overlooked right to read. Performed online live over Zoom as part of ‘The Big Share’ new writing festival, George joined an ensemble cast for the reading, playing the parts of Greg and the voice of Siri. Directed by Beth Wilson, #TheRevolutionOfTheWord was produced in part by Mrs. C’s Collective in association with The Space Theatre.


In Presence

Working with the Actress and Photographer Emeline Lambert, George took part in the art project 'In Presence', a series of photograps featuring actors preparing for roles that change their relationship to their body and emotions. The work is currently being edited and is due to release later this year.



David (George Nettleton) hasn't seen his half brother Peter (Pip Pickering) in years. That is untill the day of their mothers funeral. Will Dave be able to close the gap between himself and his brother? Or with the last tie gone, has Peter run out of reasons to come back at all. Brothers is a short film directed by Joseph Ollman.


Stories of the Subconscious Mind

Psychiatrist Alice Davenport (Bethan Nash) has the unique ability to travel into the subconscious of others. When Carter Brooke (George Nettleton), a young man with severe depression, wanders into her office, she must use her powers to help him before he takes his own life. Stories of the Subconscious mind is an award winning short film written and directed by Curt Dennis.

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Radiant Vermin

Expectant parents, Ollie (George Nettleton) and Jill (Natasha Stone), fantasise about their dream home, far away from the squalor of their council flat. Then an unexpected letter arrives from a certain Miss Dee (Caroline Doyle) who offers a way out... but at what cost? A darkly comic tale, Radiant Vermin is writain by Philip Ridley and was performed at the South London Theatre Company.

Bayonet image for george.jpg


Set in the forests of Germany days after the Nazi surrender, a vindictive Obershturmfuhrer Kurt decives his men into thinking the war is still being fought. While on patrol, the platoon encounters a British squad, with tragic consequences. Filmed on location in Cornwall, Bayonet is a short film written and directed by Alex Smith. It is currently in post production.

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