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George Nettleton


George Nettleton

is a South Yorkshire born actor

based in West London.

A RADA Foundation Graduate

and member of the National Youth Theatre,

he specialises in Screen, Stage and Voice Over.


The Soundtrack for Georges recent film

The Miner's Son

has launched, and is available to stream

on Spotify and iTunes.

is aproaching the end of its

Post Production.

Learn more via the link bellow:


Curt (for george).jpg

Curt Dennis - Director


"I found George as he

was waiting for another audition

at the same location.

Despight not knowing anything about

my project, I invited him

to audition for my film.

George got the part

despight no prep, was early

to set each day, and had

the character's backstory

mapped out before we even began filming."

Ben raith.png

Ben Raith - Assis. Director


"George is a fantastic actor

and great to direct.

He's willing to take direction,

but also creative

enough to suggest

his own ideas, find nuance

and depth in characters

and deliver top quality



Stories Of The Subconscious Mind

Won the Award Of Merit at the Accolade Global Film Competition.

George won Best Supporting Actor in his role.

Do you know what goes on inside my head.
Look at what we picked up! Our little st
What?! Another Instagram of the poster?
Well lookie here. Another competition fo
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